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There are some hot sale model of hybrid solar wind power system , including GHY-1K, GHY-2K, GHY-3K, GHY-5K. Also our hybrid solar wind power generator systerm could do specific configuration based on your actual situation. If you have request for other models please contact us.


Parts Name Model GHY-2K GHY-3K GHY-5K
Wind Generator Wind Power Rated Power 1000W 2000W 3000W
Max Power             1500W 3200W 4000W
Blades Rotor Diameter  2.8m ( 9.18 ft.) 3.2m(10.50ft) 4m(13.12)
Blade Quantity &Material 3 Pcs /  FRP                              3 Pcs /  FRP                      3 Pcs /  FRP                     
Rated Rotate Speed 400(r/min)  350(r/min)  320(r/min) 
Start Torque 0.4(N.M) 0.8(N.M) 2.5(N.M)
Generator Type        PMG AC Direct Drive  PMG AC Direct Drive  PMG AC Direct Drive
Generator Material         Aluminium body+Copper wire+Nd-Fe-B Aluminium body+copper wire+Nd-Fe-B Aluminium body+copper wire+Nd-Fe-B
Start Wind Speed  3 m/s ( 6.72 mph) 3 m/s ( 6.72 mph) 3 m/s ( 6.72 mph)
Rated Wind Speed  10m/s ( 22.4mph)   10m/s ( 22.4mph)   10m/s ( 22.4mph)  
Working Wind Speed  3-25m/s (6.72-56 mph)  3-25m/s (6.72-56 mph)  3-25m/s (6.72-56 mph) 
MAX.Design Wind Speed    40m/s (89.6mph)  40m/s (89.6mph)  50m/s (112mph) 
Top Weight 55kg 65kg 100kg
Protection Method          Tail vane Autofurling+PMW Tail vane Autofurling+PMW Tail vane Autofurling+PMW
Wind Tower Free Folding Tower Height 6m 6m 8m
Tower Thickness  4mm 4mm 4mm
Tower Top Diameter 76mm 89mm 133mm
Tower Bottom Diameter  196mm 250mm 333mm
Solar Panels Total PV power 1kW 1kW 2kW
Each Panels Power 250W 250W 200W
Solar Panels Quantity 4pcs 4pcs 10pcs
Pv Type Mono Mono Mono
Connect Method 2pcs in series then                 2groups In parallel 2pcs in series then                 2groups In parallel 10pcs in series              
Efficiency  12.15% 12.15% 12.45%
Controller Rated Wind Input Power 1kW 2kW 3kW
Rated Solar Input Power 1kW  1kW  2kW 
Battery Voltage 48VDC   48VDC   240VDC  
invertor Rated Output Capacity  2KVA 3KVA 5KVA
Rated Battery Voltage 48Vdc   48Vdc   240Vdc  
Rated Output Voltage 110/120/220/230/240 VAC 110/120/220/230/240 VAC 110/120/220/230/240 VAC
Output Frequency 50/60 Hz±0.05Hz 50/60 Hz±0.05Hz 50/60 Hz±0.05Hz
Invertor Efficiency Max 90%  Max 90%  Max 90% 
Output Wave Form Pure Sne Wave  Pure Sine Wave  Pure Sine Wave 
Battery  GEL Strorage Battery Model 12V200AH 12V200AH 12V200AH
Quantity  4pcs 8pcs 20pcs
Design life time 8years 8years 8years


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The hybrid solar wind power system has natural complementary advantages, daytime solar stronger, and at night wind more, summer sunshine good, weak wind; winter and spring wind strong, weak sunshine....