Product Details


Model: 10KW variable wind turbine

Leading technology-intelligent control, strong system scalability
1. The world's best wind power control technology is combined with the self-developed variable pitch technology.
2. The hardware design uses international well-known brands, and the software uses redundant control strategies.
3. It can achieve good compatibility with various well-known brand converters and remote modules.
High security-continuous operation around the clock to achieve unattended operation
1. The speed of the wind wheel is controlled, and it runs continuously and stably under severe wind conditions.
2. More than a dozen redundant control strategies ensure the safety and stability of the system in all climates.
A lot of power generation-variable pitch control, high-efficiency output, power generation up to 30%
1. Above the rated wind speed, the pitch angle of the blades can be adjusted to achieve continuous full power output.
2. The working wind speed range is large (3-25m/s), and the effective running time is long.





Product Info

  • Model: AH-10KW
  • Rated Power: 10KW
  • Start Wind Speed: 2.5m/s(5.59mph)

Product Introduction

Technical Data Model GH-10KW Rated Power 5KW Max Power            12KW Blades Rotor Diameter 7.78 m (25.2ft.)